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Although I no longer teach ESL, I still love helping people learn or improve their English.

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Read, Read, Read!

One of the best ways to learn or improve your English is by reading.
When reading - especially stories, you see words and phrases the way they are used in everyday conversational language.
There are, of course, many categories of books to choose from. When choosing something to read, try to pick something at or below your reading level. If the publication is too difficult to read, you may get discouraged.
I suggest starting with children's books and working your way up. You may think children's books are too easy, but when reading them, you are guaranteed to come across words that you didn't know. I never had an English student - even a Business English student, that didn't learn at least a few words from a children's book. Take a look at my "Children's Books" section to get some ideas about what you can start out with.

Give it a try, you might be surprised!

So go ahead and start reading!



How to Learn English

People often ask me what's the fastest, easiest, or best way to learn English. The best way I can answer the question is to say that learning styles are different for each person:

Studying vocabulary and grammar

Reading and listening

Watching movies or video clips

No matter which way you like to learn, the most important element in learning English is TALKING!

Yes, that's right, I said talking. Often when it comes to talking, learners of a foreign language start getting nervous.
Something VERY IMPORTANT for you to know is if you don't take courage and try your best to SPEAK the language, all the studying and learning in the world won't do you much good.

It's kind of like learning how to drive. If you only take the classroom part of the lessons but do not actually get behind the wheel and drive, you will never truly learn it.

So... visit the different categories here on English Reader and start (or continue) your journey of learning English!




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