This is my all new website designed to help people improve their English.

While my main focus is on teaching speakers of German to speak English, anyone who has a desire to learn English can benefit from the contents of this website.

Here you will find a host of tools and resources to help you to learn and /or improve your English Language skills, and resources for learning other languages as well.

This site is not all-inclusive, but it is my goal to provide a site that will prove to be useful and informing.

Having a good working knowledge of English will open up many doors of opportunity in today’s job market. It will also give you chance to use your English language skills to enter the world of Online Business, where many have started part or full time businesses. I use Internet Marketing to help fund my English Training Center here in Germany.

The site still in the development stage, so it will be evolving in the coming days and weeks. I am working hard to make your visit a wonderful one!


I may be one of the few persons to admit that even though I am an English Language trainer I do sometimes make mistakes (imagine that!).

So for all you critics out there, I certainly welcome constructive criticism and correction…  but if you can’t be polite and respectful then please keep your comments to yourself.

I hope you get some value from this website, and that if you are ready to take more action to improve your English that you will consider upgrading to an upgraded or premium student account.

I will be building and improving this site as often as possible.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Please drop by often, and spread the word about this site as well!

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Yours in English training success,
John L. Brewer
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