Speaking Practice

This is a list of people who are willing to connect with students who would like to practice their English speaking skills.

**Any agreements made will be between you and the contact – including place, time and price for their services.**


English Conversation Contacts:

Here is are some websites that were listed in an email I received from Espresso English:

On these sites, you can find an English speaker who is trying to learn your native language. You can schedule a conversation session and help each other.

Top 10 websites for English language exchange

This is a great way to practice English in an informal way. It will help increase your confidence… and you’ll make some new friends, too!


Individual contacts:

Name: Xarah Dax
Email: Not disclosed
Skype name: sarnetwork
Facebook: www.fb.com/xarah.dax
Mother language: German (Swiss German)
Spoken languages: English, German
About me: I’m Swiss and I love to read, talk, write and dream in English

Pay close attention to this page for updates!