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Really Learn English

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Really Learn English

Really Learn English is a website for teachers and students around the world. Their expertise is in creating simple yet powerful learning aids for teachers and students. The books and workbooks are carefully designed to improve the teaching process and make it more effective. Their material is created for different learning levels - of which a level chart can be found on the site.

The stories use useful everyday vocabulary, and the important words are repeated throughout the stories. This is a key factor in improving one's vocabulary. In addition, the stories are fun and amusing. They describe situations from everyday life and this serves as a great encouragement to continue reading. There are also exercises that further practice new vocabulary words, grammar, sentence construction, comprehension, writing, etc. All of these combined are a great study and motivation booster. They can be used by the student as a self-study manual or as complete lesson plans for teachers.

Something I really like is that all of their books, workbooks, and booklets are sold and delivered as protected digital files in the form of ebooks in PDF format. They offer free sample publications, but with their subscription service, you get an entire year's access on a single computer. With a subscription, you will be able to download the eBook files to your computer, view them, and print them. Teachers may also display them in class in addition to printing copies for themselves. After a year, if you decide to do so, you can extend your subscription for another year at a major discount. You will also receive any newly added materials and the newest editions available at the time for your product.

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