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Reading Horizons At-Home Solutions

Reading Horizons At-Home solutions is dedicated to providing, research based effective solutions for emerging or struggling readers.

There are two versions of this outstanding software available.


Reading Horizons Discovery At-Home
The solution for building strong literacy skills in emerging readers ages 4 - 9

Reading Horizons Discovery is the Foundation of Success for Any Child Learning to Read.

Reading Horizons wants to ensure every emerging reader (ages 4–9) has the foundational skills to become a strong, proficient reader. We understand that giving your child the right type of instruction now is a preventative measure, safeguarding them from future struggles and ensuring their success. With Reading Horizons Discovery, your child will learn to:

1. Decode and Pronounce Multisyllabic Words

2. Improve Spelling

3. Strengthen Comprehension Skills

4. Become A Confident Reader


Reading Horizons Elevate At-Home
The solution for the older student (Ages 10-Adult) who struggles with reading or is learning English as a second language.

Reading Horizons Elevate - the Process of Cultivating a Successful Reader

The Elevate™ program uses a specific process to help struggling readers become strong and fluent readers. Based on Orton-Gillingham principles, the program teaches students systematically and sequentially, starting from basic skills and moving towards more complex skills.

As each skill is mastered, students and parents become more confident, knowing that gaps in literacy are being closed. This process has been used for nearly a century and has been proven over and over to be most effective for teaching struggling readers.

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