The Phonics System

This area of my website is dedicated to information about and resources for "PHONICS"

What is phonics?

Speakers of languages such as German know how to spell words by the way that they sound. That is because German (for example) is a PHONETIC language.

The words we hear every day can be broken down into smaller pieces of sound. When we learn how to distinguish those individual sounds then we can figure out how to read all kinds of words. This method is called Phonics.

English is only partially phonetic. The other part of the English language involves words that you simply have to know how to pronounce. That is where the "Phonics Method" comes in.

Using the Phonics method we learn how the English language is "built" from the ground up. Recognizing the sounds of letters and letter combinations leads to recognizing words.

Recognizing words leads to understanding sentences.

Understanding sentences leads to fluent reading.

Fluent reading - especially for people who English is not there mother tongue, leads to fluent speaking.

Remember - "If You Can Read It You Can Speak It!"


Phonics Methods

There are quite a few methods available for learning Phonics - a lot more than before. I will tell you about some of the methods that are available.*

Discover Intensive Phonics
(by Reading Horizons)

Reading Horizons provides software and direct instruction materials to help homeschool parents and tutors teach beginning and struggling readers how to discover reading success. The Discover Intensive Phonics system offered by Reading Horizons is both for children and for the older student who struggles with reading or is learning English as a second language.

This incredible method teaches all about the sounds of individual letters, letter blends, how to know how to pronounce words by using a unique "coding" method.

I have trained in using this method myself - it is very amazing.

If you would like to attend the online workshop yourself simply click HERE.
There is a no-cost 30-day version of the workshop available.


I will be adding more resources soon!


*I am an affiliate of some of the methods mentioned, which means I get a small percentage when a purchase is made.