How do you say “I’m Sorry?”

Saying "I'm Sorry" is not as simple as you may think

Did you know that there are 20 Ways To Say “Sorry” In English?


Sometimes what seems to be very simple to say can be said totally wrong. It all depends on the circumstances.

There a number of situations in which we might want to say “sorry.” Some ways of saying it are more informal and casual, and others are more serious.

Shayna Oliveira of Espresso English has a pretty cool lesson about it.

A part of learning and improving your English is learning about things like the different ways to say "I'm sorry." There are many resources available to help you do just that. But it takes effort to learn English and other languages. Just thinking about it will get you nowhere.

I wrote this blog post is to remind you that you need to "get your butts moving!" If you want to move forward in your goal to learn English, then by all means DO SOMETHING! There are a number of ways to learn the English language. If you already know ways to learn that are easy for you, then use them. If you are not quite sure, then check out a variety of resources and figure out what method is better for you.

You most certainly won't learn English by just thinking about it. Take action! DO STUFF! Taking a look at the lesson mentioned above is a good way to add to what you have learned so far.

OK Folks! That's all I have to say today!

Yours in English Learning Success,

John L. Brewer

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