Free Stuff!

Free Things Available For Learning or Improving English

It's always nice to find some free things to use for training in English. In this section, I will list some free things that I have come across. I hope you can find something useful!



EnglishHelper offers effective, innovative, and unique technology-enabled solutions to help improve all aspects of your English language skills - reading, listening, speaking, and writing.


Games to learn English

This is a pretty cool site that has interactive games for Vocabulary, Grammar, Spelling and other things. It's designed for beginners, but can also be good foundational practice for learners of other levels.


LEO network

LEO network is a free website for students and teachers alike.
Their aim is to help promote friendship and understanding amongst native speakers and learners of English as a foreign/second language.


Really Learn English

The Really Learn English website has books and workbooks that are really helpful in learning and teaching English. They offer a great selection of items that can be downloaded for free. These items are samples of the excelent material that they offer.

Future Perfect Story – Dancing All Night

A Short Story for the Modal Verb MUST: Time for Lunch

English Grammar Articles Worksheet (A/An/The)

Indirect Questions Worksheet