English With Videos

Watching videos is a great way to improve your English. Videos are usually shorter than movies, so watching them doesn’t take a lot of time.

There are videos made especially for learners of English. They are great because they use subtitles and often have vocabulary lists of words from the video with definitions.

There are, of course other videos available that can be used for improving your English as well. Listening and reading the text, subtitles or highlighted text to videos and books as well, will help you build your “everyday vocabulary.” Building your everyday vocabulary will give you more confidence in speaking English.

This is a newly added section, so there is not much here at the moment. But don’t worry, there is more to come. I will post links to resources as well as add actual videos for you to view.


Really Learn English – Learn English Video

Lessons containing videos (from different sources on the web), a short glossary (a list of the new words + their explanations) and some practice exercises.