Children’s Products

English Learning Products For Children

There are, of course, many products made especially for children. But products that are made for children are also great for adult ESL learners. Phonics programs, for example, are great products adults can use to get a good foundation of the English language.

On this page, I will put links and information for some things available for our young ones and, as mentioned above, for adult ESL students as well. Some links will go to another page on the website, while some links will go to external websites. I hope you find some helpful information here!

Children Learning Reading

This program is designed to teach children to read. This is also a program that uses the Phonics method. The link will take you to a page on this site.


This site offers language and other educational resources designed for teachers and educators of children. The resources are made for use in primary schools with children aged approximately 4-8 years old. There are over 600 resources available.