About English Reader

A little bit about myself and English Reader


English Reader Online is the website of my English Training business.

My Name is John Brewer

I am an American living in Germany and am a TEFL/TESOL certified English language trainer.

Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, I have lived in Germany since 1992 after leaving the U.S. Army. Although I can’t say that I am fluent, I have a good working knowledge of the German language – especially the local dialect (Schwäbisch).

In July of 2009 after having held down several different jobs over the years I decided to finally go after my dream of opening an English Training Center. Due to certain circumstances, I have had to adjust my goals a bit. At the moment I teach out of my home and also at various business locations under contract from companies that hire freelance trainers.

I truly enjoy teaching English to people of all ages and backgrounds. I am a very patient teacher and also try to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere for learning.

My methods of teaching are a bit different from what some may consider conventional, but there is much more to learning English than grammar, vocabulary, and tests. These things have their place in language instruction, but today’s world is so versatile and as language teachers and trainers we need to adapt our methods.

My goal is to give my students what they need and not force them to take whatever it is they get from a particular course book. I target my training to the individual or group that I am teaching.

I am looking forward to helping you learn or improve your English language skills.

In addition to teaching English, I am also an Internet Marketer.

I use Internet Marketing to help fund my English Training Business.

As an Internet Marketer, I promote various income earning programs, tools, services, and products.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

Feel free to stop by often 🙂